Split Wins for Fox News in Friday Ratings


The Five

Fox’s The Five was the most-watched show in cable news on Friday, while Tucker Carlson nabbed the most viewers in the valuable demographic of viewers age 25-54.

With 2.47 million total viewers, The Five was most-watched overall, and second in the demo, with 336,000. Tucker Carlson Tonight was second most-watched, with 2.43 million, and topped the demo with 375,000. Hannity was third in total viewers, with 2.28 million, and fourth in the demo, with 305,000. The Rachel Maddow Show had 2.27 million total viewers, but with 275,000 in the demo, didn’t quite make the top five with A25-54 viewers. The Ingraham Angle was fifth most-watched overall, with 1.84 million total viewers, and third in the demo, with 317,000. The 8 a.m. hour of Fox and Friends was fifth most-watched in the demo, with 278,000 (1.4 million viewers total).

Fox News topped total day, with 1.38 million total viewers, and 230,000 in the demo. MSNBC was second in total viewers, with 1.07 million, and third in the demo, with 138,000. CNN averaged the fewest total viewers Friday, with 731,000 in total day, and the second-most in the demo, with 166,000.

In prime time, Fox was first, with 2.18 million total viewers, and 333,000 in the demo. MSNBC was second, with 1.63 million total viewers, and 198,000 viewers in the demo. CNN was third, averaging 912,000 total viewers, and 169,000 in the demo.

Fox and Friends won the early morning, with 1.13 million total viewers, and 245,000 in the demo. MSNBC’s Morning Joe was second, with 962,000, and 135,000 in the demo. CNN’s New Day was third, with 500,000 total viewers, and 110,000 in the demo.

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