Howie Kurtz Rips New York Times Story on Trump Bone Spurs: Editors Should Have ‘Tossed’ it


Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz tore into the New York Times for their recent story on President Donald Trump allegedly evading the Vietnam War draft due to a false doctor’s note, as the Media Buzz host said the piece should’ve been spiked by editors for lack of evidence.

Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal began the segment by calling the piece a “remarkable story” and highlighting “the lack of evidence,” including the fact that the doctor who allegedly created a fake note for Trump is dead.

“The doctor has been dead for a decade, so we can’t ask him,” Kurtz noted. “Not only that, but this daughter — one of two daughets who spoke to the newspaper — said the implication from her father was that trump didn’t have bone spurs.”

He continued by reading a graf from the Times piece that notes their story’s issues: “No paper evidence has been found to corroborate this version of events.”

“The sisters made the claim and the Times wanted to write the article, I guess,” Leventhal replied. “I mean if this was a court case, it would be tossed out in the first 5 minutes.”

“And I think it should have been tossed out by the editors,” Kurtz added, before noting the story is “intriguing,” but “the reporters working on this should’ve kept digging.”

“The fact is it shows you that there is a different standard when it comes to reporting on Donald Trump. 1968, it is certainly possible that Donald Trump dodged the Vietnam draft with medical claims because thousands of more affluent kids did the same. Does this story prove that? No. They don’t have it. It is essentially speculation.”

The media critic went on to suggest “the paper wanted it to be true, but it simply hasn’t proven it” and said it failed to meet “a newsroom standard.”

“I give the paper credit for acknowledging the weaknesses in the story, but there were so many weaknesses in the story,” Kurtz concluded.

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