Murdoch-Owned NY Post Pleads for Trump to Enact ‘Sensible Gun Control’ in Wake of Florida Shooting

The New York Post just previewed tomorrow’s cover and it features a heartbreaking plea to President Donald Trump, begging for his help to end gun violence in America.

The daily newspaper, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is not known for antagonizing the president, which makes the cover even more unique.

Here’s the cover. Take a look.

“Mr. President, please act,” the cover reads. “We need sensible gun control to help stop the slaughter.”

Tomorrow’s edition will print with an op-ed penned by the editorial board, titled “Mr. President, it’s time to do something about guns,” which addresses Trump directly.

“You need to get behind some steps that can help rein in these endless nightmares,” the op-ed reads, with a call to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban, among other suggestions.

Folks on Twitter have noted the Post is owned by Murdoch, suggesting that the issue of gun control may have finally crossed partisan lines.

Despite this one Murdoch-owned media entity advocating for “sensible gun control,” Fox News’ opinion hosts have yet to follow suit, with Tucker Carlson saying tonight that any form of gun control is the beginning of a “class war” enacted by the left because they “hate rural America.”

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