‘New York is Such a Train Wreck’: Big Apple Election Debacle Sparks Outrage as 40% of Manhattan Ballots Remain Uncounted


While most jurisdictions have just about finished tabulating 2020 Election results, many observers are highly unimpressed that it’s taking New York City so long to count every ballot.

The New York Times released their latest look at the election data from the state and found that only 84 percent of the estimated vote total has been processed, and there is a large fraction of outstanding votes in multiple counties.

By the Times’ estimation, only 56 percent of the votes have been reported from Weschester county, 60 percent from Manhattan, 64 percent in Queens, and 74 percent in the Bronx. The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson noted that this data comes nearly two weeks after Election Day.

Political observers from both sides of the aisle are wondering why the count has taken much, much longer than a New York minute:


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