comScore Power Grid – Magazine Editors: The Importance of Title Buzz

Power Grid – Magazine Editors: The Importance of Title Buzz


The Magazine Editors category on the Power Grid has engendered some good debate here at Mediaite’s global headquarters. Summing up: should a Magazine Editor be rewarded more for the public profile of the title they oversee, or more for how they promote their own name. Well judging by the most recent rankings it appears that the side that argued on behalf of magazine title awareness won the debate.
Oh sure, the quantifiable fame of a top editor (via Google Buzz) IS a good indication of their sphere of influence (see Anna Wintour – #3.) But isn’t a top editor’s job description more about getting people to read their magazine’s and visit their websites? If you agree with that, then you should be pleased to see the Managing Editor of Sports Illustrated Terry McDonell check in at #2 as the most powerful magazine editor in all the land (Huzzah!)

Some other highlights of updating Magazine Editor rankings:

• The Newsweek fueled Jon Meacham juggernaut continues to steam roll over the other the competition in this category. The online buzz that comes with his name is keeping him in the top spot – maybe he’ll be top dog for a long time to come?

• The an increase in online buzz has pushed David Remnick into the top ten

Rolling Stone’s Will Dana has moved up into the fourteenth spot – up five spots from the previous week.

Prevention’s Liz Vaccariello fell from 12 to 21 (which in our eyes seems a lot more realistic.)

• A dearth of online buzz has felled Elle’s Robbie Myers from #15 to #25 (which doesn’t seem to make sense to us.)

Who are the biggest metric leaders?

Circulation goes to recently added EIC of AARP Hugh Delehanty.

• The Google Buzz title somewhat suprisingly goes to Steve Forbes, who also boasts the most online unique visitors.

Blog Buzz — Anna Wintour brings that title home (providing some conventional wisdom to the rankings.)

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