Hannity, O’Reilly Endorse Ousted Fox News Head Bill Shine for Top WH Job: ‘One of the Nicest People’


Fox News’ host Sean Hannity didn’t wait long before endorsing Bill Shine, the ousted Fox News executive who has reportedly been tapped to serve as the White House’s deputy chief of staff for communications.

“Bill Shine I think, and I’m seeing it up on Drudge right now. It says, ‘Ex-Fox News boss Bill Shine in talks to become next White House communications director.’ If that’s true, I think it would be great because he’s great at his job,” Hannity said on his radio show.

He added: “And he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known and one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. As far as what I know about it, if I did know anything, it’s none of your business any way.”

Hannity’s praise of Shine is not entirely surprising considering Hannity is also good friends with Shine.

ABC reports, “Shine is very close with Fox News primetime star Sean Hannity, a close ally of President Trump. After his dismissal from Fox, Shine was a guest of Hannity at a White House Christmas party.

Shine, a former right-hand man for Roger Ailes was booted from Fox News last year amid the fallout of the sexual harassment scandal although he was not personally accused.

After his ouster, Hannity posted a hashtag: #IStandWithShine.

Hannity’s endorsement of his friend was also echoed by Bill O’Reilly, who said of his former boss in a tweet on Wednesday: “If Bill Shine gets the job of White House communications director, that will be good for the country.”

Shine reportedly already accepted the White House role, according to multiple reports. An official announcement has not yet been made.

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