Lou Dobbs: Republicans Lost in 2020 Because the Party ‘Forgot Who Was the True Leader’


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs said Tuesday that Republicans lost in 2020 because they “forgot who was the true leader,” calling former President Donald Trump the “only good thing” to happen to their party in the last four election cycles.

Fox News Radio’s Jimmy Failla asked Dobbs about the recent reports of the former president starting a third party called the “Patriot Party.”

Dobbs said that while Trump may be saying now it’s unlikely, he thinks “the idea of a third party, just as motivation for the Republican RINO leadership, would be helpful.”

He predicted Trump would be a “hellraiser” and added, “Donald Trump going quietly into the night? Can you visualize that?”

As Failla said he believes Trump’s policy legacy is secure within the GOP, Dobbs took shots at Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators “working very hard to undercut” Trump.

“These people have become petty and vindictive and really are not honoring the guy that is the only good thing to happen to the Republican Party in the last four cycles,” Dobbs claimed, while notably ignoring the large Congressional majorities the party won without Trump in 2010 and 2014 and the House Democratic “blue wave” in 2018 when he was president. “Think about it. They lost in 2008. They lost in 2012. They would have lost in 2016. And they did lose this year because the Republican Party forgot who was the true leader.”

He added that things would be very different right now if they unified like Democrats did.

You can watch above (the relevant part starts at the 9:15 mark), via Fox News Radio.

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