Dave Portnoy Destroys ‘White-Haired’ Suits at CBS for Fearing Barstool: They Don’t Want to ‘Give the Hungry Wolf Fresh Meat’


Earlier this week, Dave Portnoy announced a new partnership with the Arizona Bowl, making Barstool Sports the title sponsor for the annual college football game played in Tucson.

According to Portnoy, Barstool was willing to just be the title sponsor and allow CBS to broadcast the game, but the network declined to work with the digital media company.

“CBS won’t work with us? Kick them the f*ck out, get those f*ckin white-haired…get them out, we’ll do the game ourselves,” the Barstool founder said on The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co.

“Not because they didn’t like us,” Portnoy explained. “I think they know we’re gonna eat their lunch and they view us as a competitor. Do you wanna give the hungry wolf fresh meat? Do you want to basically put steroids in your competitor?”

The New Year’s Eve Arizona Bowl features top teams from the Mountain West and Mid-American conferences. It was previously aired by CBS Sports, but Barstool is now the game’s exclusive broadcast partner in addition to being the title sponsor.

“What they (CBS) did is probably best case scenario for us,” Portnoy added.

Watch above via Barstool Sports. Listen to the full episode here

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