Trump Tees Off on Current President After Smashing Golf Drive: ‘You Think Biden Can Hit a Ball Like That?’


Donald Trump did two of his favorite things Wednesday morning, play golf and bash President Joe Biden.

Now that he’s no longer in office, Trump has more free time to do what a lot of 75-year-olds do during the week – play golf. Being president didn’t keep Trump from working on his golf game too much, however, with estimates claiming he spent about 300 days on the course during his four years in office.

This week, Trump teed off his round and smashed a drive down the fairway with a rather unique swinging motion. Despite the somewhat uncoordinated swing, his onlookers loved the result, as chants of “what a shot” and “beauty” could be heard from the bystanders.

That’s when Trump turned to his ego strokers and mocked the current president.

“You think Biden can hit a ball like that?” Trump asked as the spectators responded with laughter. “He couldn’t get it past the first tee!”

It was the second time Trump jabbed Biden’s athleticism this month. Two weeks ago, while Trump was helping to promote a boxing match between Vitor Belfort and Evander Holyfield, a clash that turned out to be a box-office failure, the former president yoked up his own fight skills.

“Probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden,” Trump suggested during the pre-fight presser. “Because I think he’s going down very very quickly. Very very quickly.”

An athletic competition between Trump and Biden is unlikely, but some sort of golf match between the two is at least practical, while a boxing match with two 70-somethings is absurd.

Watch above via KUSI News

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