comScore Angels Fan Takes Foul Ball To The Neck in Comedy of Errors

WATCH: Foul Ball Goes for the Jugular as MLB Fan Makes Comedy of Errors in Brutal Catch Attempt


Even during a global pandemic, grown men are willing to crawl on the ground if it means the chance at picking up a baseball that was touched by MLB players.

Wednesday night, a Los Angles Angels fan was hilariously treated like he was getting thumped up in the UFC Octagon as he attempted to latch on to the cherished foul ball. Appearing to be perfectly set to make the catch, the fan stuck his arms out, only to whiff and let the ball bounce directly into the jugular.

Matters worsened after the fan crumbled to the ground. smacking his head on a table before he dropped in defeat. Lucky for the fans at home, ESPN cameras were on site to catch the attempt while broadcasting Los Angeles and the Kansas City Royals. For all the effort, the foul ball is definitely a souvenir worthy of the mantle when he gets home.

Something about Major League foul balls continue to make adults act like children. And for every great catch a spectator makes, there are at least an equal number of embarrassing plays to remind fans why they’re in the crowd, not on the field.

Watch above via, ESPN

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