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A New Netflix Documentary Chronicles the Rise of Egypt’s Jon Stewart

Undercovered: Egyptian Activists Use Social Media to Demand Release of Imprisoned Satirists

Bassem Youssef Sees Comparisons Between Trump and the Middle East: ‘I Feel Right at Home’

Bassem Youssef, the ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart,’ Is Coming to America With a Brand New Show

Bassem Youssef Gives Stewart Grief for Picking Trevor Noah over Him

Egypt’s Bassem Youssef Becomes Daily Show’s New Middle East Contributor

‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’ Is Officially Off the Air β€” This Time for Good

‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’ Removed From Airwaves Through Next Month’s Election

Jon Stewart Appears On Egyptian TV, Talks Movie, Political Satire, And Fox News With Bassem Youssef

No Black Dads In Time Magazine Father’s Day ‘Letters From Dad’ Collection

‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’ Bassem Youssef Yuks It Up About Egyptian Gov’t Targeting Him On Daily Show

Stewart Destroys Pres. Morsi For Going After ‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’ After Vowing To ‘Welcome Every Opinion’

‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’ Stands Up To ‘Fascist’ Morsi Regime On CNN Following Interrogation

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