Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Publicist Says Client, Brett Kavanaugh Victims of ‘Sex War’, Adds ‘They Persecuted Jesus’ Too

CNN Guest: You Can’t Defend Kavanaugh and Celebrate Bill Cosby Sentencing

WATCH: Bill Cosby Led Out of Courtroom in Handcuffs

BREAKING: Bill Cosby Sentenced to Three to 10 Years in Prison

Kennedy Center Yanks Bill Cosby Honors After His Guilty Verdict

Family Guy Assembles Weinstein, Cosby, Lauer, and Others in ‘Marvel’s The Offenders’

Bill Cosby Accuser Lili Bernard Delivers Powerful Post-Verdict Speech: A ‘Victory for Womanhood’

Twitter Reacts After Bill Cosby is Found Guilty of Sexual Assault: ‘Good Riddance!’

Kathie Lee Gifford Defends Weinstein, Cosby: ‘Being a Jerk Isn’t the Same as Being a Rapist’

Bill Cosby Does First Show Since 2015 Sexual Abuse Scandal: ‘I Used To Be a Comedian’

Twitter Trashes Chris Matthews Over ‘Cosby Pill’ Joke: ‘Makes Me Feel Ill’

Off-Air Footage Shows Chris Matthews Joking About ‘Cosby Pills’ Before Interviewing Hillary Clinton

CNN Legal Correspondent Confuses Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly While Discussing Sexual Misconduct Claims

Twitter Has Questions About Motion Picture Academy Expelling Weinstein: What About Cosby? Polanski?

Shonda Rhimes Mocks Cosby’s Sexual Assault Seminars: ‘1) Do Not Sexually Assault Anyone’

‘Don’t Talk Over Me!’ Gloria Allred Doesn’t Realize Don Lemon Is Trying To Help Her Out

Bill Cosby Plans to Tour America Teaching the Youth About Sexual Assault

Trevor Noah Lampoons Trumpcare: ‘Every American Would Have to Share One Pharmacist — Bill Cosby!’

Trump’s Victory Paved the Way to Bill Cosby Trial Results

‘Mr. Cosby’s Power Is Back!’ Bill Cosby’s Spokesperson Sounds Off After Mistrial

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