Boko Haram

Nigerian Govt Says Dozens of Chibok Schoolgirls Released 3 Years After Abduction

Undercovered: A Rescued Boko Haram Bride Returns to School

Undercovered: New Video Allegedly Shows Boko Haram’s Captured Women

Undercovered: What Happened to the Woman Who Escaped Boko Haram?

ABC Nightline Revisits Boko Haram Story With Exemplary, Harrowing Reports

Scant Coverage of Attacks in Turkey, Pakistan Underscores Over There vs. Over Here Mentality

The Kidnapped Kids That Sparked #BringBackOurGirls Are Being Used as Suicide Bombers (UPDATED)

Glenn Beck So Very Wrong For Attacking Kimmel on Cecil Killing; Here’s Why

Nigeria Reportedly Reaches Deal with Boko Haram to Return 200 Schoolgirls Home

Hundreds of Nigerian Villagers Reportedly Massacred by Boko Haram

Nigerian Defense Chief: We Know Where the Abducted Girls Are

Judge Napolitano: Obama’s Drones Killed More Girls than Boko Haram Kidnapped

CNN Op-Ed: Media Making Boko Haram into ‘Superstar Monsters’

Sarah Palin Uses Facebook to Denounce Twitter Diplomacy

Supermodel Slammed for Topless #BringBackOurGirls Photo

Fmr. Ambassador: Troops in Nigeria Furthers Idea U.S. Waging ‘War on Islam’

Coulter: Michelle Obama’s Next Hashtag Should Read ‘I’m Married to an Idiot’

Andrea Mitchell Suggests Anti-Women Sexism Behind U.S. Inaction on Boko Haram

Colbert Joins Limbaugh, Fox News in Denouncing #BringBackOurGirls

Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama ‘Sympathize with Boko Haram’

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