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New Startup Wants to Turn Uber Drivers Into News Videographers

BREAKING: U.S. Capitol Building and Visitor Center on Lockdown (UPDATED)

Man Carrying Two Guns and a Koran Arrested at Disney Park

Massive Fire Engulfs Luxury Hotel in Downtown Dubai (UPDATED)

Bill Cosby Released on Bail, Turns Over Passport at Arraignment

Los Angeles Schools Closed Due to Possible Terror Threat (UPDATED)

Man With Gun On Arkansas State University Campus Arrested (UPDATED)

Suspects Shoot Multiple People In San Bernardino, CA (UPDATED)

More Shots Fired Near Jade Helm 15 Training at Camp Shelby

2 Shooters Fire on Troops at Camp Shelby (UPDATED)

CNN’s ‘Breaking News’: We Probably Won’t Know Anything for a Long, Long Time

Shots Fired Outside Capitol Building After Police Chase

Another News Channel Abandons ‘Advertising Trick’ Of ‘Breaking News’ Coverage

Legendary CBS Broadcaster Mike Wallace Has Died At Age 93

@BreakingNews Sparks Confusion On Twitter With Obama Making ‘Personal’ vs. ‘Personnel’ Announcement Typo

Fox News Reports Breaking News… That Was Broken 18 Months Ago

MSNBC Adds To @BreakingNews Twitter Acquisition

Janet Napolitano May Have Been Right…And Other Flight 253 Truths

Why Being On A Watch List May Not Matter

Terror On Flight 253: Who’s Responsible, Bush Or Obama?

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