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Ex-CIA Director Brennan Walks Back Claim That Russia ‘May Have Things’ On Trump: ‘I Don’t Know’

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Back On Top at 11 PM As 11th Hour No. 1 in March and First Quarter

NEW BATTLEFRONT: Brian Williams’ MSNBC Show Overtaken by Fox in Late Night Ratings War

Parkland High School Student to MSNBC: I Don’t Think Gun Control Would Have Prevented Massacre

Watch Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow React to Protestor Giving Trump ‘One Fingered Salute’

Brian Williams on Shutdown: ‘This is Government by Seemingly a Bunch of Drunks’

Republican Strategist Defends CNN Against Trump Attack: ‘He All But Declared Fox News to be State TV’

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Mocked For Suggesting Viewers Take Credit For Others Work

Hannity Rips Media For Trump/Hurricane Coverage: We’re Gonna Get Lectured By ‘Lyin Brian’ Williams?

Brian Williams: It’s ‘Our Job’ to ‘Scare People To Death’ Over North Korea

Brian Williams: Source Told Me Trump May Not Know US Troops Stationed in Qatar

Oops! Don Lemon Accidentally Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter ‘Brian Williams’

Some Viewers Were Mad MSNBC Called Brian Williams To Break Missile News Over Maddow

Wait, What?: Brian Williams Quotes Leonard Cohen Describing ‘Beauty of Our Weapons’

Maddow: Trump’s Speech Will Be ‘Well-Received,’ Though He Talked About Immigrants As ‘Vicious, Murdering Criminals’

Brian Williams Is Very Concerned About the Spread of Fake News

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Calls Out Mark Halperin’s ‘Favorable Coverage’ of Trump to His Face

Maddow: ‘It’s Inarguable’ the Moment of Debate Was Trump Not Committing To Election Results

So NBC, Who Rewarded Serial Fabulist Brian Williams, Wants to Fire Billy Bush?

NBC News Prez Andy Lack Says That Brian Williams’s Truth Scandals Are ‘Ancient History’

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