Brian Williams

MSNBC’s Brian Williams: Kanye West Was a ‘Giant Shiny Object in the Oval Office Wearing a Red Hat’

Ex-GOPer David Jolly: Lindsey Graham Has ‘Lost His Mind’

Ex-GOP Rep. David Jolly: ‘The Easiest Pathway Here For Republicans’ is for Kavanaugh to Withdraw

Brian Williams Knocks GOPers Downplaying Kavanaugh Allegation: ‘1965 Called, Wants Their Quotes Back’

Ken Starr: Mueller is a ‘Man of Integrity’ and is His Investigation is ‘Definitely Not a Witch Hunt’

Ex-GOP Rep After Attending Trump Rally: ‘The Most Homogeneous Environment I’ve Been in in Decades’

Bill Kristol on Trump-Cohen Tape: If Giuliani Wanted It Out, ‘There’s Much Worse To Come’ on the Other Tapes

Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin: We Were Attacked and Trump ‘Sided With The Enemy’

Fmr CIA Director Panetta: The Way Trump Behaves, It’s a ‘Clear Signal That The Russians Have Something On Him’

Bill Kristol Says He’s ‘Worried’ That NATO Will Not Survive Trump: ‘Could He Want to Have It Fall Apart?’

Ex-CIA Director Brennan Walks Back Claim That Russia ‘May Have Things’ On Trump: ‘I Don’t Know’

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Back On Top at 11 PM As 11th Hour No. 1 in March and First Quarter

NEW BATTLEFRONT: Brian Williams’ MSNBC Show Overtaken by Fox in Late Night Ratings War

Parkland High School Student to MSNBC: I Don’t Think Gun Control Would Have Prevented Massacre

Watch Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow React to Protestor Giving Trump ‘One Fingered Salute’

Brian Williams on Shutdown: ‘This is Government by Seemingly a Bunch of Drunks’

Republican Strategist Defends CNN Against Trump Attack: ‘He All But Declared Fox News to be State TV’

MSNBC’s Brian Williams Mocked For Suggesting Viewers Take Credit For Others Work

Hannity Rips Media For Trump/Hurricane Coverage: We’re Gonna Get Lectured By ‘Lyin Brian’ Williams?

Brian Williams: It’s ‘Our Job’ to ‘Scare People To Death’ Over North Korea

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