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Here’s a Feel-Good Video of One High Schooler Helping a Bullied Classmate

PolitiFact Says Clinton’s Claims About the ‘Trump Effect’ of Bullying in Schools Are Mostly True

Trump Tells Megyn Kelly that People Who Are Bullied ‘Gotta Get Over It’

Iowa Mother Rips Trump for Calling Emotional Moment with Daughter and Hillary ‘Staged’

Keith Ablow’s Bullying Solution: Parents Should ‘Go to These Schools, Lawyers in Tow’

‘Grow a Pair’: CA Mayor Under Fire for Comments About Bullying

Weather Channel Apologizes for Snarky Tweet About Bullying

Glenn Beck Expresses Solidarity with 9-Year-Old Boy Bullied for Liking My Little Pony

Limbaugh: AZ Governor ‘Is Being Bullied by the Homosexual Lobby’

Fox’s Adam Housley: It’s Hard to Ignore ‘Bullies’ Harassing My Wife over Interracial Marriage

CNN Anchor Battles Anti-Gay Activist, Kicks Him Off After He Trashes ‘Toxic’ Homosexuality

Morning Joe: Timing Of Romney Bullying Story After Obama’s ‘Big Nothing’ Statement Is Curious

Hannity Panel Counters Romney Bullying Story By Peering Into Obama’s Bullying

MSNBC’s David Corn On Mitt Romney ‘Bullying’ Incident: ‘This Was An Assault’

Former Romney Classmate Describes ‘Pack Of Dogs’ Who Were ‘Bullying Supreme’

Bashir: Mitt Romney Was The ‘Leader Of The Gang’ That ‘Maliciously’ Hazed Gay Classmate

ABC News: HS Friend Accuses Romney Of ‘Lying’ Over Bullying Incident

Mitt Romney Admits To Doing ‘Dumb Things’ Following Anti-Gay Prep School Prank Allegations

Dan Savage At Anti-Bullying Event: ‘We Can Learn To Ignore The Bullsh*t In The Bible About Gay People’

Iowa School Hires Anti-Gay Hate Group To Conduct Anti-Bullying Assembly

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