Videos of Protesters Harassing, Screaming At Outdoor Diners to Raise Their Fists Go Viral


Two videos showing Black Lives Matter protesters harassing and screaming into the faces of people eating outside went viral on Tuesday amid riots and protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

In one video, reportedly shot in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, protestors demanded a woman raise her fist. When she did not comply, they circled around her and screamed.

Washington Post reporter Fredrick Kunkle interviewed the woman, who said that while she has been marching with Black Lives Matter protesters for weeks, she didn’t want to be coerced into the expression of support.

Another video of the incident went viral:

Another incident — also apparently shot in Washington, D.C. — showed a group of protesters appearing to harass a couple eating outside a restaurant, as a woman screamed into their faces without a face mask on amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Other videos showed men, women, and children appearing to raise their fists while eating outside, seemingly at the behest of protesters.

Social media users — including politicians, commentators, and journalists — reacted in horror to the videos.


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