Chris Cillizza

‘Cheapest Date in the Biz’: Twitter Rips Chris Cillizza For Calling Trump Speech ‘Poetic’

Latest Trump Tweet Renders CNN’s Chris Cillizza Speechless: ‘Argggghhhhh!’

GOP Operative Mocks ‘Quiet Yet Brave’ Republicans Who ‘Ought to Study Up on Vichy France’

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Gets Roasted in Reddit AMA: ‘Why Do You Get Paid So Much?’

CNN: At Least Eight People Participated in Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Tucker Carlson on CNN Controversies: ‘I Still Have Friends There, I Think They’re Dying’

CNN Launches Chris Cillizza Brand, Will Include ‘Trivia Night Events’

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’: Don Lemon Says Some People Ask Him if POTUS Is ‘Gone Yet’

CNN Segment Asks Whether Trump Is ‘Turning Liberals Into Conspiracy Theorists’

‘This is Better Than SNL!’: CNN’s Don Lemon Can’t Contain His Laughter During Wall Discussion

‘Come On’: Journalists Fire Back After Taking Criticism From Hillary Clinton

‘Toxic Culture’ of Bullying: New Day Basks in Downfall of Ailes, O’Reilly, and Fox News

WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza Complains That Trump Kept Calling Clinton ‘She’ and ‘Her’

Report: Top Dems Are ‘Beside Themselves’ That Wasserman Schultz Will Still Speak at DNC

With Terrorism Fears Looming, There Are 147 FBI Agents Working On Hillary’s Emails

Media’s Hillary Lovefest Underway, While GOP Candidates Face Tough Questions

Gwen Ifill to Brian Stelter: ‘Have Some Respect’

President’s ‘Turning the Page’ SOTU Speech Proved He’s Still Living in Past

California GOPer Attacks ‘Architect of the Destruction’ of Conservatism, Karl Rove

Chuck Todd Rips Harry Reid: ‘You Can’t Have Selective Billionaire Outrage’

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