Chuck Grassley

Chuck Grassley Prays for Trump to Have ‘Wisdom’ to Sign Border Security Bill ‘So Government Doesn’t Shut Down’

Chuck Grassley Says He Expects to See Mueller Report Within a Month –– Then Walks It Back

Here Are The Six Current Members of Congress Who Voted Against Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

GOP Senator Chuck Grassley Scolds Trump Over Troop Withdrawals: ‘You Shouldn’t Embolden Taliban’

Chuck Grassley: Trump Would Be Better Served If He ‘Showed His Wife’ Before Tweeting

Grassley Responds to John Roberts Rebuking Trump: Don’t Recall Him ‘Attacking Obama’ Over SOTU Comments

Chuck Grassley Scolds Trump For Publicly Bashing John Kelly: He ‘Defended Our Freedoms’

Chuck Grassley Asks DOJ to Investigate Avenatti’s Gang Rape Claims on Kavanaugh

Chuck Grassley Ordering FBI to Investigate Julie Swetnick, Michael Avenatti for False Statements

CNN Panel Rips Grassley After He Blames Workload for Lack of Women on Committee: This is Why the ‘Old White Man’ Stereotype Exists

NY Times Columnist Calls Chuck Grassley’s Soros Conspiracy ‘An Anti-Semitic Smear’

Grassley Goes Off in Pre-Vote Appeal to Confirm Kavanaugh: ‘No to Mob Rule!’

WATCH LIVE: Senate Takes Crucial Vote on Brett Kavanaugh

Senate Releases Executive Summary of FBI Report on Kavanaugh, Revealing Witnesses

Grassley to Christine Ford’s Legal Team: Turn Over Communications With Dems, Other Kavanaugh Accusers

WATCH: Chuck Grassley Blows Up at Chuck Schumer, Democrats, Media Over ‘Demolition Derby’ Confirmation

Chuck Grassley on Kavanaugh Probe: ‘Nothing In It that We Didn’t Already Know…It’s Time to Vote’

WATCH: Brett Kavanaugh Rages, Battles Tears in Fiery Testimony: This is a ‘National Disgrace’

Brett Kavanaugh Responds to Latest Accusation: ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘From the Twilight Zone’

Chuck Grassley Announces Prosecutor Picked to Conduct Questioning at Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing

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