Clayton Morris

Fox News’ Clayton Morris Announces Today Is His Last Day, Gives Emotional Farewell

Fox & Friends Forced to Issue On-Air Clarification After ‘Internment’ Discussion

Is This The Dumbest Cable News Segment You’ll See This Week?

‘I’m Off the Clock’: Daughtry Ditches Fox & Friends Attempt to Sing ‘My Country Tis of Thee’

Fox & Friends: Florida GOP Candidate Won in ‘Referendum on Obamacare’

Fox Host Apologizes for ‘Ignorant’ Comment About Gender Identity

Steve Doocy: How Would Media Cover Benghazi Revelations if Christie Sat in Hillary’s Chair?

Kurtz Bashes Matthews’ Obama Interview: Worse Than Softball, ‘It Was Whiffle Ball’

All Tuckered Out: Tucker Carlson Falls Asleep on Fox & Friends

Laura Ingraham: Anti-‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Judge Doesn’t Live in High-Crime Area

Michelle Malkin Warns of ‘Cult’ of ‘Eco-Zombies’ Taking over Obama Admin.

Fox & Friends Hosts Scold Obama For His Many ‘Bad Bets’ In The Middle East

Fox Hosts Hammer Jay Carney For Deeming Benghazi ‘Old News’: ‘No Statute Of Limitations On Murder’

Fox Host Dave Briggs Signs Off For The Last Time On Fox & Friends

CIA Operative Trashes ‘Torture’ In Zero Dark Thirty: ‘Waterboarding Is Not Torture’

‘Santa Claus’ Returns To Fox & Friends For A Tough Christmas Day Grilling

Fox & Friends Gets Schooled By A Priest: ‘You Guys Look So Angry About This War On Christmas’

Did Fox & Friends Get Punked, Or Was This Just An Amazingly Bizarre Interview?

Huckabee: ‘It Speaks Well Of Romney’ Not To Fire Eric Fehrnstrom Over Health Care Tax

Huckabee: Obama Promised Young Voters ‘Pie In The Sky, And What They Got Was Pie In The Face’

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