Coast Guard

Shutdown Day 25: The Coast Guard Isn’t Receiving Paychecks

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s USCG Shutdown Video: ‘Can We Please Get Back in Our F**ing Boats, Now?’

Coast Guard Member Suspended After Being Accused of Flashing Racist Hand Gesture

WATCH: Trump Hosts Coast Guard Members on Golf Course

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Trump Ripping the Media While Praising Coast Guard: ‘Just Wrong and Petty’

Parachutist Killed in Accident During Fleet Week Demonstration (UPDATE)

‘It Just Doesn’t Make Sense’: GOP Rep. Slams Trump Admin Over Proposed Coast Guard Budget Cuts

Watch Harrowing Video of Coast Guard Rescuing First Responders in Rough Seas

Fox News’ Jenna Lee Celebrates Fleet Week By Climbing The Rigging Of Coast Guard Ship

Two Missing After A Barge Hit a Tourist Duck Boat In Philadelphia

The Story Of A Lost Camera’s Adventure (And The Sea Turtle That Shot The Footage)

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