Dan Senor

Ex-Romney Advisor Says Trump Campaign Can’t Handle Press Scrutiny

Ex-Romney Advisor: I Commiserated With Pence About How ‘Unacceptable’ Trump Is

Scarborough: Hillary Will Be ‘More of a Neocon’ Than the 2016 GOP Nominee

Cokie Roberts: GOP Has Done ‘Much Better Job’ of Not Electing ‘Yahoos’

Romney Advisor: Conservatives Didn’t Oppose Red Line When Obama Drew It

Morning Joe Clashes Over ‘Anti-Semitism’ Directed At ‘Big City Jewish Man’ Bloomberg Over Gun Control

Robert Gibbs Steadily Proving MSNBC Critics Wrong

ABC’s This Week Panel Erupts Over Whether Republicans Are Politicizing Benghazi Attack

Former Romney Adviser On ‘Systemic Crisis’ In Polling: ‘Republican Establishment Needs To Do An Audit’

Rachel Maddow: Bush Foreign Policy Infects Romney Ticket

Maureen Dowd Faces Growing Backlash After Accusations Her Column Uses Anti-Semitic Stereotypes

Campbell Brown Defends Careers Of Political Pundits With Personal Links To Campaign Professionals

This Weak: Romney Advisor Kevin Madden Whiffs On Israel Question

Joe Klein On Morning Joe: Obama Bain Attacks Echo Lee Atwater’s Willie Horton Smear Campaign

Joe Scarborough Tears Apart ‘Stupid’ New Romney Ad: ‘Americans Don’t Care About Solyndra’

Dana Perino: White House Ignoring Advice From ‘Friends’ Cory Booker, Campbell Brown

Mika Brzezinski On Mitt Romney: ‘There’s Something Wrong With His People’

Jon Stewart Follows The Money; Claims That Watching Fox News Funds ‘Terror Mosque’

Clock Is Ticking: McCain And This Week Panel Rip Michael Steele To Shreds

Could A Dan Senor Senate Run Mean Changes For CNN Prime Time? (Update)

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