Republican and Democrat Chairs Trade Accusations of Racism in Meet the Press ‘Unity’ Segment

Nevada Dem Rep. Accused of Sexual Harassment Says He Won’t Resign

The DCCC Asks for Input on New Sticker Slogans and Twitter Hilariously Obliges

Martin Sheen Says He Knows What DC ‘Should Look Like’ Cause He Played The President On TV

DCCC Gets Ripped on Twitter for Promoting Their ‘New Sticker’

Pelosi Has Gotten ‘Obscene and Sick Calls’ After Hacker Released Dem Phone Numbers

Clinton Campaign and DCCC Also Targeted by Hack Attacks on Democrats

Dem Campaign Organization Confirms ‘Cybersecurity Incident’ Possibly Linked to DNC Email Hack

Democratic Group Sent Out Email Decrying DHS Shutdown That Didn’t Happen

DCCC Chair on Midterm Strategy: We ‘Made the Right Decisions’

Fox’s Beckel, Gutfeld See Hypocrisy in Limbaugh’s Defamation Suit Against DCCC

‘Shame on Them!’ Limbaugh’s Lawyer Rips DCCC for Defamation on Hannity

Rush Limbaugh Threatens Dems with Defamation Lawsuit

DCCC Head Steve Israel to Step Down After Midterm Losses

AARP Asks to Not Be Cited in DCCC Ad Targeting the Elderly

Dem Committee Offers ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Dealing with ‘Crazy Tea Party Cousin’ on Thanksgiving

Congressional Dems Appear To Be Worried About Glenn Beck, Seriously

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