Doug Suttles

BP Manager Questions ABC News Reporter For Using Laptop By Shore

‘The Spilling Fields’: Jon Stewart Takes Aim At BP’s Failed PR Efforts

BP COO Expects Gushing Oil Well To Be Reduced To ‘Relative Trickle’ By Next Week (Update: Never Mind)

BP’s Media Strategy: What Americans Really Want To See Is More Tony Hayward

BP COO ‘Not Surprised’ By White House’s Tougher Rhetoric On Oil Leak

BP COO Fails To Rule Out Criminal Behavior Of His Own Company

Fake Reporter Pranks BP Presser In The Name Of ‘The Kidd Chris Radio Show’

BP Announces Failure Of ‘Top Kill,’ New Plan To Plug Well: ‘This Scares Everyone’

Report: Email Circulating Stating BP’s ‘Top Kill’ Has Failed (Update)

Gulf Oil Spill: ‘Top Kill’ Progress Report

Top Kill Update: BP Will Know If Attempt Was Successful In 24 Hrs

BP COO Announces That Dispersants Are Working In Press Conference

BP Fails To Cover Up Oil Well As Containment Dome Fills With Ice Crystals

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