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ESPN Host Condemns Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Mascot: ‘Many Irish-Americans’ Are ‘Offended’

Watch Jamie Foxx Perform a Hilarious Stephen A. Smith Impersonation For the Man Himself

‘Golf Disgusts Me’: Watch Stephen A. Smith Bring All Kinds of Hot Takes in Post-Masters Rant

Richard Sherman: ‘I’m Sure’ Colin Kaepernick is Being Blackballed by the NFL

WATCH: Stephen A. Smith and LaVar Ball Had an Absurd, Hilarious Screaming Match on First Take

Skip Bayless Bashes ‘Fearful’ ESPN Execs

The All-New First Take Keeps it Fresh, Opens with Fiery Debate of 21-Day Old Topic

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Goes Off: ‘Our Ancestors Would Be Ashamed,’ We Must ‘Look Inward’

ESPN’s Skip Bayless: Kobe’s Sexual Assault Case Gave Him ‘Edge,’ ‘Sizzle’

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Loses It Over NOW’s Call for Goodell Resignation

ESPN Host Laments ‘Internal Problem’ That Black Conservatives Are ‘Pariahs’ in Black Community

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