GOP Civil War

Fox & Friends: Trump’s Reported DACA Deal Makes ‘Republicans in Congress Look Really Bad’

Bannon Predicts GOP ‘Civil War’ Over DACA Could Lead to Democrats Winning Congress

GOP Civil War? Trump Hits Own Party Over Senate Filibuster, Obamacare Failure

Mulvaney: Trump’s Just as Frustrated with GOP Establishment as ‘Ordinary Republican’ Voters

Steve Doocy: Trump’s Debt Deal with Dems Reveals ‘There are Now Three Parties’ in D.C.

Senator Lugar: Tea Party Candidates Killed Chances For Republican Senate Majority

Tucker Carlson: The Tea Party Has Destroyed The Republican Establishment

Herman Cain Accuses Karl Rove Of ‘Deliberate Attempt To Damage’ Him

Karl Rove Declares That Herman Cain Has ‘Peaked’

Christine O’Donnell: I Don’t Get Why Karl Rove Keeps Bashing The Tea Party

Newt Gingrich: Palin Should ‘Slow Down’ And ‘Think Through What She’s Saying’

Joe Scarborough On Sarah Palin: “A Reality Show Star Who Cannot Be Elected”

Giving Thanks: The Media Stories That Have Provided Great Fodder For Us This Season

Christine O’Donnell Claims ‘Republican Cannibalism’ As Reason For Her Loss

Chris Matthews Refers To Current GOP Candidates As ‘Stray Cats And Dogs’

Shep Smith To Michael Steele: ‘Have You Focused More On Yourself Than The GOP?’

Karl Rove Redefines ‘Sophisticated’ In Defining ‘The Tea Party Movement’

Civil War? Tea Party Founder Calls Sarah Palin And Newt Gingrich A Joke

Christine O’Donnell Questions The Separation Of Church And State (Update)

Sarah Palin: ‘GOP Is Through’ If It Doesn’t Embrace Tea Party Message

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