H.R. McMaster

McMaster Reportedly Called Trump an ‘Idiot’ and Dope’ With Intelligence of a ‘Kindergartner’ at Private Dinner

John McCain May Seek Subpoena for Information on Niger Attack

Fox’s Rosen to McMaster: Do You Think ‘Publicly Humiliating’ Kim Jong Un With ‘Rocket Man’ Is Helpful?

Watch H.R. McMaster React to President Trump’s Tweet Calling Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’

McMaster on Bannon Leaving WH: We Don’t Need People Advancing Their Own Agendas

Roughly 40 Obama Holdovers Still in Trump’s National Security Council

McCain Calls on Trump to Denounce ‘Repugnant’ Attacks on McMaster by the Alt-Right

Former Trump Aide: If McMaster, Drudge Push Out Bannon, I Will ‘Blow Them The F**k Up’

The Ongoing Campaign to Oust H.R. McMaster is Reportedly Going To Get Uglier

Chuck Todd Puts McMaster on the Spot About Bannon: Can You ‘Work Together in This White House’?

McMaster: ‘President’s Been Very Clear’ About Condemning Bigotry and Hatred

Hugh Hewitt: Alt-Right Critics of McMaster Are ‘Throwing Pebbles at a Battleship’

Trump Puts Out Statement Supporting McMaster Amidst Alt-Right Backlash

Van Jones Calls Alt-Right the ‘Dirty Right’: Play Dirty, Traffic in Racism and Violence

McMaster Reportedly Thinks Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong With Unmasking Requests

Nutcase NSC Official Fired After Writing Memo on Globalists and Islamists Waging a ‘Maoist Insurgency’

WH Officials Don’t Refute Russian Claims Trump Accepted Putin Denial During Air Force One Gaggle

McMaster: Trump Told Russians He Feels ‘Hamstrung in His Ability to Work With Russia’

Stephanopoulos to McMaster: Will Trump Not Use the Phrase ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ in Speech?

Spicer: Trump Can’t Reveal Source of Classified Info Because He ‘Wasn’t Briefed’ On It

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