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Ex-Obama Official on MSNBC: ‘Who Is Stupid Enough’ To Replace Bolton When ‘Your Only Job Is To Suck Up To’ Trump?

Former Obama administration official Jim Messina brutally assessed the resig-firing of National Security Advisor John Bolton by asking “who is stupid enough” to take over Bolton’s post, which Messina described by saying “your only job is to suck up to the president.”

Following President Donald Trump’s claim to have fired Bolton — and Bolton’s flurry of texts to anyone with a functioning smartphone insisting that he resignedAndrea Mitchell Reports host Andrea Mitchell asked Messina for his reaction.

Messina described the turmoil between Bolton and other members of Trump’s administration, and said that “when you have the vice president angry at you, and the secretary of state, in a Donald Trump-world that craziness rules, you’re likely going to get squeezed out, and that seems like it’s what happened here.”

“Going forward, the question now is, who is stupid enough to take this job?” Messina continued, adding “Who wants to be the fourth and fifth national security advisor, number 5 in 3 years?”

Messina went on to add that “I can’t imagine who in God’s name is going to take this job, and whoever it is is probably going to understand the truth, which is your only job is to suck up to the president, and the moment he gets sick of you, the jackals around him will come out and finish you.”

In what has become the Spinal Tap drummer position of the Trump administration, Trump has now run through national security advisers Michael Flynn (convicted criminal), Keith Kellogg (acting), H.R. McMaster (resigned) and now John Bolton (spontaneous human combustion) (resigned) (or fired).

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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