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Burger King Will take Your Unwanted Gifts in Lieu of Cash

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s ‘Ridiculous, But Awesome’ Gift Guide Includes a $120 Tube of Toothpaste

Celebrity Chefs Celebrate 4th of July on Social Media

WATCH: The History of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

Celebrity Chef Approved Burgers For Your Summer Weekend

Celebrity Chefs Observe Memorial Day on Social Media

Where to Drink on Cinco de Mayo in NYC

The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day, Done by Foodies & Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity Chefs Celebrate Pi(e) Day on Social Media

Colbert Talks About What He Would Say If He Could Interview Jesus

Trump Spends His Christmas Eve Troll-Tweeting Jeb, Hillary, and the Media

Settling the Argument Once & For All: Why Die Hard Absolutely is a Christmas Movie

WATCH: Goat Disrupts Texas Nativity Scene by Pretending to be Jesus

Festivus Creator Slams Rand Paul for Co-Opting Holiday: ‘I Hate The Guy’

Obama Puts Out Christmas Message About Persecuted Christians Around the World

Don Lemon Talks to Black Santa About Being Very in Demand for Christmas

Republican Senator Uses ‘Night Before Christmas’ to Mock Obama’s Guantanamo Release Plans

Rand Paul Continues His Traditional ‘Airing of Grievances’ in Honor of Festivus

This Week in PC Run Amok: School Professor Calls on Students to Say ‘Happy Federal Holiday’

Of Course, This is the Texas Rep Who Might Slap You If You Don’t Say ‘Merry Christmas’

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