Trump Spends His Christmas Eve Troll-Tweeting Jeb, Hillary, and the Media


trump-300x197‘Twas the night before Christmas and all over the net, every person was joyous and getting things set to spend lots of time with the people they love and take just one day to not push and shove or fight or panic or be burdened with fear, because Christmas is a time for naught but good cheer.

But Donald the Trump has a few bones to pick with the losers and haters that make him quite sick. For you see, Mr. Trump is a quite famous troll, and on this Christmas Eve, he’s been on kind of a roll.

Case in point, poor dear Jeb, a Bush nonetheless, is having… well, not quite the greatest success. His numbers have dropped, he’s losing to a clown, and he’s trying to nuke Trump while on the way down.

Last week, the debate, what had happened, they say, is Jeb’s balls grew three whole sizes that day. He said Trump was CHAOS and dangerous too. Trump’s response: you’re a washed-up old loser, boo hoo.

And when Donald the Trump saw the Jeb Super PAC use that exchange to go on quite the attack, he really let loose on the poor fate of Jeb and how his campaign does nothing but ebb:

But, yes, don’t forget the great HORRIBLE press. For the crime of trying to get Trump to address all the mad crazy things he’s said on the trail. But it doesn’t hurt Trump. He does nothing but prevail.

So he sniped at the press. So dishonest!, he boasted. The only thing missing is a pithy BOOM ROASTED!:

And because… well, why not, he pushed a little hintin’ about his chances next year against Hillary Clinton:

And because it’s the biggest damn trick in his bag, he took a brief moment to tweet out a brag:

So I say to you all when you’ve gone and retired: Merry Christmas to all and to all, you’re fired.

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