Alan Dershowitz Says Comparing Trump to Hitler is ‘the Cruelest Form of Minimization of the Holocaust’

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister: Kicking Holocaust Deniers Off Facebook Won’t ‘Make Them Go Away’

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Shouldn’t Remove Holocaust Denials Because Deniers Aren’t ‘Intentionally’ Wrong

Trump Constantly Earns Criticism, But These Insane Holocaust Comparisons Must Stop

Antonio Sabato Jr. Compares Being Blackballed By Hollywood To Holocaust: ‘It’s Happening to Me’

Jesse Watters Goes Off on Ana Navarro: ‘She’s Ridiculous and So Is CNN’

UPDATED: Twitter Can’t Believe Scaramucci Post Tweeted About Holocaust Again: ‘WTF Is Wrong With You’

Anthony Scaramucci Apologizes For Much-Derided Holocaust Twitter Poll: ‘I Take Responsibility’

Scaramucci Post Slammed Over Twitter Poll on How Many Jews Died in the Holocaust (UPDATED)

Holocaust Museum Pulls Syrian Genocide Study After Backlash For Absolving Obama’s Inaction

‘We Will Stamp Out Prejudice’: Trump Blasts Anti-Jewish Threats During Memorial Ceremony

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks for U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s National Days of Remembrance

Local News Station to Deliver Touching 16-Minute Documentary on Holocaust Photographer

Anti-Defamation League CEO Offers Holocaust Education Session to Spicer

Spicer Issues Apology to GOP Megadonor Sheldon Adelson After Holocaust Blunder

‘I’m Well Aware of What [Hitler] Did’: Sean Spicer Apology Tour Continues on NBC

Please Watch This Mashup of Spicer’s Holocaust Comments and the Veep Credits

‘Talking Is Hard’: Maddow Hillariously Rips Spicer Over Unfortunate Holocaust Remarks

CNN’s Jake Tapper Slams Spicer Over Hitler Remarks: ‘Frankly, Kind of Ignorant’

Anne Frank Center: Sean Spicer Must be Fired Over ‘Evil’ Hitler Comments

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