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Fill The Swamp? Trump’s DOJ Decides Not to Pursue Charges Against Lois Lerner Over IRS Scandal

DOJ Won’t Charge Lois Lerner for Contempt of Congress

MSNBC Panel Clashes over How ‘Nixonian’ IRS Scandal Is

Krauthammer: New Emails Proves ‘Lie’ in White House Claim IRS Didn’t Target GOPers

Lois Lerner’s Attorney Has No Idea Why Darrell Issa Is Claiming She’ll Testify (UPDATE)

The Mainstream Media Conjured President Obama’s ‘Worst Year Ever’

Dem. Strategist Blasts Conservative Radio Host On Fox: ‘Phony Scandals’ Are ‘Flat-Out, Bold-Faced Lies’

‘Phony Scandal’ Versus ‘Scandal Fatigue’: Fox Panel Clashes Over Why Media Dropped IRS Story

Scarborough Goes Off On Jay Carney: ‘I’m Not Someone You Talk Down To From Your Podium’

Palin, Bolling Slam Obama For IRS, Drone, NSA Abuses: ‘Orwellian’ Government No Better Than A ‘Punk Hacker’

Cheney Rejects Obama’s IRS Story On Fox: ‘Cannot Conceive’ Of Agents Acting On Their Own

Rep. Cummings Promises Candy Crowley: If Rep. Issa Doesn’t Release IRS Transcripts Within The Week, ‘I Will’

Bill Kristol On Fox News: ‘Republicans Are Making A Huge Mistake’ Conflating IRS And NSA Scandals

‘Stop It! You’re Putting Words In My Mouth!’ Megyn Kelly Battles Dem Rep Over IRS ‘Political Theater’ Comment

Bill O’Reilly Calls Himself ‘Fact Guy’ As He Repeats Debunked ‘157 White House Visits’ Story

Not So Grand: Behind Rep. Darrell Issa’s Three Auto Theft Accusations

Jay Carney Goes All Game Of Thrones On Darrell Issa

David Axelrod Dismisses IRS Scandal On NBC: Too ‘Stupid’ To Be Politically Motivated

Rove Tears Into Huffington And Plouffe Over IRS Scandal: ‘Why Were Only Conservative Groups Targeted?’

Darrell Issa Accuses Obama Administration: IRS Targeting ‘Directly Ordered From Washington’

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