Roseanne Defends Racist ‘Joke’ Comparing Valerie Jarrett to an Ape: ‘Islam is not a Race, Lefties’ (UPDATED)

Watch: Woman Goes on Hateful Rant Against Sikh Politician: ‘When Is Your Sharia Gonna End?’

New Controversy Around Kamala Harris is Rooted in Cultural Misunderstanding

Maajid Nawaz Tells Bill Maher He’s Suing Southern Poverty Law Center for Defamation

LGBT and Christians Targeted in Islamist Violence in Indonesia

‘Worship Your God With Love’: Anti-Terror Ad Goes Viral in the Middle East

Fareed Zakaria Again Praises Trump After ‘Nuanced’ Islam Address: ‘The Kind of Speech Obama Could Have Given’

‘Terrorists Do Not Worship God, They Worship Death’: Trump Speaks in Saudi Arabia

Stephanopoulos to McMaster: Will Trump Not Use the Phrase ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ in Speech?

Fox Guest Says ‘MSNBC Is an Apologist for the Islamists’

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Cancels Australian Tour After Backlash and Accusations of ‘White Supremacy’

Sorry, Chechnya LGBT Murders Don’t Prove ‘Christian Countries Do it Too’

College Suspends Christian Student For Challenging Muslim Professor

Maher Clashes with Panel on Islamic Terrorism: ‘Are There Christian Terrorist Armies?’

In Muslim Spring Break Piece, BuzzFeed Gives Voice to Baseless Hysteria

GOP Lawmaker Presents Muslim High-Schoolers With Questionnaire Asking if They Beat Their Wives

McMaster Reportedly Told NSC Staff the Phrase ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Is Unhelpful

Prosecutors Charge Man With ‘Blasphemy’ After Burning Koran

Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Testified Before Congress Defending Muslims’ Civil Rights

Bill Maher: Liberals Need to Understand We’ll Never Defeat Terrorism Unless We Reform Islam

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