J.K. Rowling

Fox’s Gutfeld: If Trump’s So Evil, Why Do Critics Need to ‘Make Up Evil Stuff About Him’?

J.K. Rowling Takes Down Tweets Slamming Trump Over a Misleading Video, Apologizes

J.K. Rowling Goes on Anti-Trump Tweetstorm in Response to a Misleading Video

Top 20 Tweets From J.K. Rowling in Honor of #HarryPotter20

J.K. Rowling Accused Of Lying About Man Calling British PM A ‘Whore’

J.K. Rowling Unleashes At Vulgar Critics of Theresa May: ‘You’re Not A Liberal’

Piers Morgan Keeps Feud with J.K. Rowling Going: She’s a ‘Serial Loser’

J.K. Rowling Rips Into the ‘Fact-Free, Amoral, Bigotry-Apologism of Celebrity Toady’ Piers Morgan

It Looks Like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Will Be on Broadway Soon

Celebrities Pay Their Respects to Muhammad Ali Online

J.K. Rowling Burns Trump Spox’s ‘Half-Breed’ Comments: ‘Death Eaters Walk Among Us’

‘Black Hermione’ Casting in Harry Potter Play Sets Off Twitter Firestorm

J.K. Rowling to Troll Who Compared Serena Williams to a Man: ‘You’re an Idiot’

J.K. Rowling Responds to Murdoch’s Thoughts on Muslim ‘Responsibility’

Obama, J.K. Rowling Among Top-Requested Authors by Gitmo Detainees

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