Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions To Hold Press Conference About Ongoing Investigations Into Leaks on Friday

Dana Perino: Jeff Sessions Could End Up at DHS Now That Gen. Kelly’s in the White House

Trevor Noah Defends Jeff Sessions: The Only One Who Can Drive the White House Clown Car

Despite Trump Attacks, Jeff Sessions Insists He ‘Made the Right Decision’ on Recusal

GOP Sen. Sasse: If Trump’s Thinking About Recess Appointment to Push Out Sessions, ‘Forget About It’

Jeff Sessions Tells Tucker Carlson Trump’s Criticisms Have Been ‘Kind of Hurtful’

Trump’s DOJ Tells Businesses That Its Now Totally Cool to Discriminate Against LGBT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Won’t Commit to Saying Whether Trump Supports Priebus

GOP Rep. Says Media Forced Trump to Attack Sessions

Lindsey Graham Draws Line: Firing Mueller Would Be ‘End of the Trump Presidency’

Trump vs. Sessions Feud Exposes Divide Amongst Trump Supporters at Fox News

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt: If Sessions Goes, ‘I Think You Could See Open Warfare’

Vice President Pence Weighs In On Trump/Sessions Feud: ‘One of The President’s Virtues is His Candor’

RNC Chair Downplays Trump’s Attacks on Sessions: Just ‘Letting Him Know That He’s Not Happy’

Mo Brooks Offers to Drop Out of Alabama Senate Race So Sessions Can Be a Senator Again

Watergate Prosecutor Blasts Trump for Criticizing But Not Firing Sessions: He’s ‘Basically a Wimp’

GOP Sen. Shelby on Trump Slamming His Own AG: ‘Jeff Sessions Deserves Better’

Lindsey Graham: Trump Showing ‘Weakness’ in His Attacks on Jeff Sessions

Trump Once Again Pummels Sessions on Twitter, This Time While AG Is at White House

NYT Reporter: Donald Trump is ‘Cyberbullying’ Jeff Sessions

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