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Jeff Sessions

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Rod Rosenstein Should Recuse Himself’ and Sessions Could ‘Unrecuse’ Himself

Jeff Sessions: ‘I Don’t Share the View That the FBI Is Not Functioning at a High Level’

Jeff Sessions Mocks Interns’ Questions on Police Brutality, Marijuana: ‘That May be the View in Berkeley’

Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Slams Sessions for Russia Jokes: He ‘Still Doesn’t Get It’

WATCH: Jeff Sessions Asks If There Are ‘Any Russians’ in the Room Before Speech

CNN Hosts Grill Ted Lieu Over His Trump Name-Calling: ‘Is That a Grown-Up Thing To Do?’

Sean Hannity One-Ups Louie Gohmert With His Own Massive Six-Part Clinton Conspiracy Chart

Anderson Cooper Calls Out Sessions’ ‘Selective Memory When It Comes to Contact with Russia’

David Frum: Fox News Keeps Pumping ‘Legal Fantasies’ Into Trump’s Head

Sessions Lashes Out After Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Accuses Him of Lying About Russian Contacts

Jeff Sessions: ‘I Have No Idea’ How Many Times I’ve Said I Can’t Recall Things

Sessions to GOP Rep: ‘It Would Take a Factual Basis’ to Appoint Special Counsel to Probe Clinton

Jeff Sessions on Roy Moore Allegations: ‘I Have No Reason to Doubt These Young Women’

Judge Jeanine Personally Told Trump to Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton

Jeff Sessions: The DOJ ‘Can Never Be Used to Retaliate Politically Against Opponents’

Sessions Hits Back at ‘False Charges’ of Lying About Trump-Russia Connections: ‘That Is a Lie’

WATCH: Jeff Sessions Testifies Before the House Judiciary Committee LIVE STREAM

Dan Abrams: Jeff Sessions’ Hillary Inquiry is ‘Direct Violation’ of Recusal Promise

Jeff Sessions Looking at Appointing Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton Foundation

Two WH Officials Reportedly Floating Idea of Sessions Returning to Senate to Stop Moore

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