Joni Ernst

Sen. Joni Ernst Breaks With Trump: Transgender People Should Be Able to Serve in the Military

WATCH: Stephanie Ruhle Lists GOP ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ Tweets Alongside NRA Campaign Donations

GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Criticizes WH on Porter Scandal: Trump ‘Needs to Send a Stronger Message’ on Abuse

Iowa Voters Laugh At Joni Ernst Defending Trump By Saying He’s Standing Up For Norway

Man Arrested for Making Threats Against GOP Senator Joni Ernst

GOP Sen. On Working With Trump: ‘We Have a President That Has a Number of Flaws’

Trump to Announce Winner of His Veepstakes This Friday

Another Veep Bites the Dust: Joni Ernst Drops Out of Trump Veepstakes

Meet the Woman Who Could Become Donald Trump’s Vice President

Joni Ernst Tells Hillary to Focus on Women’s Issues, Like ‘Strong Nat’l Defense’

No, Joni Ernst Didn’t Claim Vaccines Turn People Liberal

Rep. Adds Line on Immigration Reform to GOP’s Spanish-Language SOTU Response

Joni Ernst’s SOTU Response Doesn’t Respond to Obama’s Speech

GOP Taps Cuban-American Congressman to Give Literal Translation of Ernst’s SOTU Response

Yes, There Will Also Be a Tea Party Response to SOTU

GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Ignored Victory Calls from a Very Important Person

Pat Buchanan: Joni Ernst Almost as ‘Attractive’ as Palin and Bachmann

Concha: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny of Election Night on Cable News

Will Charlie Crist Be ‘Back on the Cross,’ and Other Matt Drudge Election Questions

Megyn Kelly to Joni Ernst: Were You ‘Feigning’ Outrage over Harkin Comment?

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