Katrina Pierson

Judge Pirro Threatens to Yank Chris Hahn’s Mic After He Brings Up Trump’s ‘Miserable’ Midterm Defeat

Anderson Cooper Grills Katrina Pierson on New Trump Ad: ‘I Don’t Understand Why You Have to Lie All the Time’

Fox’s Howard Kurtz Grills Katrina Pierson Over Trump’s Christine Ford Tweet: ‘I’m Not Going to Disagree With That’

Judge Pirro Gets Riled Up Over Dem Response to Kavanaugh Accuser: They’re ‘Being Disgraceful’

There Is Likely No ‘N-Word’ Tape…and Trump Benefits From the Rumor Being Taken Seriously

Ed Henry Clashes With Katrina Pierson On ‘N-Word’ Tape: ‘You Changed Your Story!’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Confronts Katrina Pierson: Do You Raise Your Son to Call Women Dogs?’

CNN’s Burnett Nails Katrina Pierson After She Admits Signing NDA: If Trump Used N-Word, You Wouldn’t Tell Me Anyway

Katrina Pierson Fires Back at New Omarosa Tape Featuring Her: ‘CBS Was Played’

Jake Tapper Blasts Everyone Involved in Omarosa Circus: It’s ‘A Story Where There Are Like 30 Liars’

Omarosa Shares Tape of Trump Staffers Discussing N-Word Tape: ‘He Said It’

Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Expected to Tap Former Spox Katrina Pierson For Major Role

Fox News Panel Falls Apart After Katrina Pierson Suggests Slavery Is ‘Good History’

Katrina Pierson: I Sent Stephen Miller a ‘Fist Bump Text Message’ After Jim Acosta Exchange

For An Alleged ‘Sexist’, Donald Trump Sure Does Put A Lot Of Trust In Women

Katrina Pierson: Trump’s President, His Actions Are ‘Presidential, Whether You Like It or Not’

Conservative Group’s Anti-Heller Ads Are Reportedly Being Pulled

Surrogates Learn The Steep Price of Lying for Trump

Katrina Pierson Claims Outlets ‘Made Up’ Stories That She ‘Disappeared’ Post-Election

Report: Katrina Pierson Denied White House Position After Gunning For Sean Spicer’s Job

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