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Katrina Pierson

Fox News Panel Falls Apart After Katrina Pierson Suggests Slavery Is ‘Good History’

Katrina Pierson: I Sent Stephen Miller a ‘Fist Bump Text Message’ After Jim Acosta Exchange

For An Alleged ‘Sexist’, Donald Trump Sure Does Put A Lot Of Trust In Women

Katrina Pierson: Trump’s President, His Actions Are ‘Presidential, Whether You Like It or Not’

Conservative Group’s Anti-Heller Ads Are Reportedly Being Pulled

Surrogates Learn The Steep Price of Lying for Trump

Katrina Pierson Claims Outlets ‘Made Up’ Stories That She ‘Disappeared’ Post-Election

Report: Katrina Pierson Denied White House Position After Gunning For Sean Spicer’s Job

Katrina Pierson — Yes, Really — Reportedly Seen at Trump Tower Vying For Press Secretary Gig

Megyn Kelly: Why Does Trump ‘Have to Make Up Information’ About the Vote When He Won?

Angela Rye Drops the Gloves With Trump’s Spokesperson Pierson: ‘I Could Sue You Katrina!’

Katrina Pierson Chastises Mediaite’s J.D. Durkin For Asking About Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Comment

Daily Beast Journalist Shuts Down Katrina Pierson With One Tweet

CNN Guest Can’t Contain His Laughter at Katrina Pierson’s Trump Defense

Katrina Pierson: Hollywood Pushes the Very ‘Rape Culture’ Democrats Are So Outraged About

Trump Spox Predicts Many People Will Vote for Him and Then Ignore GOP Down-Ballot

Megyn Kelly Asks Trump Spox If Her Brothers Talk About Grabbing Women’s Privates

Maher: If You Hate the Establishment Now, Wait Until Trump’s Insane Surrogates Take Over

‘That’s a Dodge!’: Megyn Kelly Battles Trump Spox Over Whether He’s Still a Birther

Jake Tapper Shuts Down Katrina Pierson: ‘That Has Never Happened in the History of the World’

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