Katy Tur

Man Tells MSNBC’s Katy Tur That Assault Weapons Ban Stopped Him From Being School Shooter

Katy Tur: Of Course Trump Cast Doubt on Russian Meddling, He Said It ‘Over and Over’

Katy Tur Calls Out White House for Three-Hour Briefing Delay: They’re in a ‘World of Trouble’

Katy Tur Doubles Down On ‘Condescending’ Tax Cut Remarks: Do I ‘Seem Out of Touch?’

Katy Tur Slammed on Twitter for ‘Condescending Analysis’ on Bonuses From GOP Tax Cuts

Rick Wilson Scoffs at Memo Hype: ‘People Laughing at Devin Nunes Like He’s Tommy Wiseau’

GOP Congressman Who’s Seen Nunes Memo Says It’s Not the ‘End-All Smoking Gun’

Katy Tur Lists Examples of Trump’s Alleged Racism in Scaramucci Grilling: ‘I Can Keep Going’

Michael Wolff Defends Book Against Accuracy Questions: ‘If It Rings True, It Is True’

Michael Wolff: Trump’s ‘Aware of Who Is Jewish in a Way That Feels Creepy’

Michael Wolff: ‘The Biggest Leaker Was Donald Trump’

Katy Tur Grills Rep. Jim Jordan Over Dossier: ‘You Have No Idea Because You’re Not In That Committee!’

Watch Katy Tur and GOP Rep. End Bonkers Tax Segment By Asking Each Other How Much They Make

Bret Stephens: If Roy Moore Wins, GOP Will Be Branded as ‘Grand Old Pedophile Party’

Katy Tur Calls Out Trump’s ‘Lies’: Still ‘Waiting for the Apology on All of Those’

Katy Tur Grills Lisa Bloom on Initial Harvey Weinstein Defense: Hasn’t It ‘Damaged Your Reputation?’

Katy Tur Blasts Trump For Backing Moore: Starting to Feel Like the Era of ‘Post-Morality Politics’

Katy Tur: ‘Which Does This White House View as Worse, an Accused Pedophile or a Democrat?’

Katy Tur Battles Sam Nunberg Over Roy Moore: How Does an Accused Pedophile Help Trump?

Katy Tur Grills Gloria Allred Over Accuser’s Claim: ‘That Doesn’t Really Make Sense’

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