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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Is the Al Jazeera America of Late Night

John Oliver Skewers Former NSA Chief: ‘How Much Data Do You Need?!’

NSA Head Fires Back at Jimmy Carter for Claiming the NSA’s Monitoring Him

Rothman: Will Russian Invasion of Ukraine Expose Snowden as It Has RT?

Bernie Sanders to NSA: Are You ‘Spying on Members Congress?’

Dem Rep. Calls Out NSA Head for Implying NSA Opponents Aren’t Patriots

GOP Guest to Chuck Todd: ‘Want to Be Careful’ Firing Gov’t Officials, It ‘Feeds You People’

NSA Director Keith Alexander Expected to Resign Next Year

‘Bullsh*t! You Lied To Congress!’ NSA Director Gets Heckled And Cursed At During Conference Speech

NSA Chief Can’t Explain How Snowden Slipped Through Cracks: ‘Clearly The System Did Not Work’

NSA Head Caught In Open Mic Moment: ‘Tell Your Boss I Owe Him Another Friggin’ Beer’

NSA Director: FISA Courts Work With Us To Approve Surveillance Requests, But Not A ‘Rubber Stamp’

NSA, FBI Detail How Snooping Programs Prevented ‘Over 50 Potential Terrorist Events’

Rand Paul Mocks Idea That NSA Dragnet Necessary: Why Not ‘Put A Microchip In Every Baby Born?’

NSA Director: ‘Dozens’ Of Terrorist Plots Thwarted By Snooping Programs

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