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Kim Jong-Il

South Korean President Moon Jae-in: Donald Trump Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Concha: Hollywood Should Now Make Documentary on Nightmare North Korea Conditions

How Iron Chef Helped Kim Jong-Il’s Sushi Chef Escape

Ted Cruz Demonstrates That Attorney General Holder Did Not Commit Perjury

Kim Jong Il’s Former Sushi Chef Returns To North Korea To Film Documentary

Report: North Koreans Are Being Questioned, Punished For Not Having Grieved Enough

30 Rock Producer Explains How The Show Will Handle That Whole Dead Kim Jong-Il Thing

Outrage Alert: Bill Maher Mocks Tim Tebow By ‘Treebowing’

North Korea Sends Doctored Photo To International News Outlets

North Korean Television Airs Video Of Kim Jong-Il’s Body

Hmm… Sarah Palin: North Korean Missile Launch A Reminder To Work On ‘Energy Independence’

More Importantly, How Is Kim Jong-Il’s Death Going To Affect 30 Rock?

Bill O’Reilly: The Only Person Weeping Over Kim Jong-il’s Death Is His Hairdresser

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Is Dead According To State Television

First Look At Onion News Network Scene Features Glorious Dancing And Kim Jong Il As Batman

Cynicism Test: “Tween Of Peace” Attempts To Build “Children’s Peace Forest” In North Korea

North Korean Press Ignores 7-0 World Cup Loss, Covers “Revenge-Vowing Meetings” Instead

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