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Comedians Perform to Fundraise for Environmental Group Fighting Trump’s Policies

A Playbook About Nothing: Larry David Thinks He Can Be an NFL Offensive Coordinator

Larry David’s Bernie Sanders Has Beers With SNL‘s Hillary In Epic Cold Open

SNL Brings Back Larry David and Elaine From Seinfeld to Shred Debate Slapfight

Larry David Returns as Bernie Sanders in Hilarious SNL Cold Open

Bernie Enjoys Winning Media Week; Faces Fox’s Wallace Next As Hillary Continues to Hide

Move Over, Larry David! Jimmy Fallon Does Dead-On Bernie Sanders NH Victory Speech

Zoolander and Hansel Show Up on SNL to Talk Politics

SNL Sends Up Larry David and Bernie Sanders with ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’

Larry David Reveals His Personal Masturbation Record in SNL Monologue

Bern Overload: Sanders Set to Appear with Larry David on SNL Tomorrow

Larry David Has Yet To Collect The Bounty for Calling Trump A Racist on SNL

Trump Gets Heckled During SNL Monologue: ‘Trump’s a Racist!’

Larry David Makes His Triumphant Return to SNL as Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Wants Larry David at Next Rally: ‘He Does Better Than I Do’

Larry David Surprises Crowd As Bernie Sanders in SNL Democratic Debate

Must-See Late Night Clip: Larry David and Jason Alexander Gang Up on Jimmy Fallon

Trevor Noah Spotted with Seinfeld and Larry David at Mets Home Opener

Must-See Late Night Clip: Larry David Is Dreading His Broadway Debut

Howard Stern Grills Larry David About His Utter ‘Failure’ at SNL

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