Liz Marlantes

Fox News Sunday Panel Takes On The Romney Campaign’s Missteps

Matthews To Panel: 2012 Election Winner Will Be ‘The One Who… Fights Dirty To Bury The Other Guy’

Brit Hume: Gay Marriage ‘A Net Minus’ For Obama, ‘Just Another Politician Doing What Politicians Do’

Chris Matthews: ‘I Think I See’ ‘Code’ In White Voters Giving Obama Low Marks On ‘Moral Tone’

Andrew Sullivan To Chris Matthews: Mitt Romney Is ‘The Most Dreadful Candidate Since John Kerry’

Double Flip! Fox News Sunday Panel Weighs In On Komen Foundation’s Reversal On Planned Parenthood

Brit Hume: Gingrich’s Debate Performances & ‘Uncle Newt’ Persona Helping Him In Polls

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