Greg Gutfeld Clashes With Co-Hosts Over Marijuana: ‘So Much Misinformation Going On…’

John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm: ‘My Thinking on Cannabis Has Evolved’

Peter Thiel’s Equity Firm Flaunts Major Marijuana Investment Despite Opposition from Trump, Sessions

Colorado Senate Dems Troll Jeff Sessions Over Weed Crackdown: We’ll Give Him ‘Our Legal Pot When He…’

CNN’s Randi Kaye Delivered New Years Eve Report from Marijuana Party in Denver

Jeff Sessions Mocks Interns’ Questions on Police Brutality, Marijuana: ‘That May be the View in Berkeley’

So Many People Tried to Buy Weed in Nevada That the State Declared a State of Emergency

Netflix Celebrates 4/20 by Dropping a Teaser for New Kathy Bates Pot Comedy

Roger Stone Celebrates 4/20 by Tweeting His Richard Nixon Bong

Meanwhile, in Canada…: Justin Trudeau Presents Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Agents of NFL Players are Worried About a Trump Crackdown on Marijuana: ‘Stay Away…at All Costs’

Jeff Sessions: ‘We’re Seeing Real Violence’ Thanks to Marijuana Legalization

Hundreds Line Streets in DuPont Circle For Free Inauguration Day Marijuana Giveaway

Watch Bill Walton Rant About Marijuana During ESPNU’s National Title Game Simulcast

It ‘Frightens Me’ That Sessions Seems To Want to Start a New Drug War: Kennedy Muses on Confirmation

Looks Like Someone Changed the Hollywood Sign to Read ‘Hollyweed’

What Was He Smoking? UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Vaped Right in Front of Reporters

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Vows Not to Inhale

Watch Obama Admit to Youthful ‘Fooling Around’ With Basketball, Girls, But Not Smoking Weed?

High There! USA Today Covers Colorado Marijuana Smuggling, Highlights Wrong State

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