media bias

Reporters Are Letting Al Franken Duck A Very Important Question

Hillary Clinton Pines For The Days When Her Lies Went Unchallenged

That Time Dan Rather Called Bill Clinton Allegations Old News, ‘Let’s Move On’

Stelter Hits Back After Conway Says CNN Should Embrace Anti-Trump Role: We’re ‘Pro-Truth’

Tucker Carlson Rips CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘Third-Rate Punditry’ Instead of Hard News

Trump Thanks Jimmy Carter for His Comments About ‘How Badly I Am Treated by the Press’

Megyn Kelly: It’s ‘Absurd’ How Reporters Play Into Trump’s Hands With Their Bias

Fox News’ Ed Henry Blasts Media’s ‘Credibility Problem’: ‘Anti-Trump Almost Everything’

Can’t Wait For Charlie Rose To Press Catholic Democrats On Their Positions On Abortion

Fox News Panel Slams Media Coverage ‘Attacking’ Trump on Harvey Response

Under Pressure, Pelosi Finally Condemns Antifa…What Took Her So Long?

Don Lemon and Chris Ruddy Clash Over Media Attacks: Trump’s ‘Not Running CNN’

Fox’s Howard Kurtz: Over-the-Top Media Reactions to Trump’s Rally ‘Play Into the President’s Hands’

Lindsey Graham: Trump Is Driving CNN ‘Crazy’

Don Lemon Validated Crowd’s ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

CNN’s Jake Tapper: The Media Was ‘Much More Supportive’ of Obama

Reince Priebus Calls the Media ‘Dishonest’ in Interview with Sean Hannity

Daily Show Stars Claim ‘We Are The Most Factually Accurate News Source’

Sununu and Camerota Duke it Out: ‘Is That a Swipe, Governor?’

O’Reilly Claims He Predicted Alexandria Shooting: ‘Unfortunately, My Prophecy Came True’

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