National Anthem

WATCH: National Anthem Singer at Atlanta Falcons-Detroit Lions Game Takes Knee

Twitter Reacts to Oakland A’s Bruce Maxwell Kneeling During Anthem: ‘What Patriotism Looks Like’

Twitter Rails on Trump: ‘Attacked Kaepernick With More Conviction Than he has NAZIS’

#TakeAKnee Blows Up Into a Top Twitter Trend After President Trump Slams ‘SOB’ Players

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Criticizes Trump’s ‘Divisive Comments’: Shows ‘Lack of Respect’

Twitter Goes Off Over Trump’s ‘SOB’ Line on NFL Protests: ‘Tougher on Colin Kaepernick’ Than Putin

Tucker Carlson: NFL Players Going ‘Out of Their Way’ To Show How Much They Hate America

CNN Segment Blows Up as Ben Ferguson Suggests Black Football Players Aren’t Politically Active

Twitter Trolls Apparently Didn’t Like How Donald Trump Sang the National Anthem

U.S. National Soccer Team Passes Rule Requiring Players to Stand for Anthem

‘Wanted Notorious Disgrace’: Vendors Selling Shirts With Rifle Scopes Aimed at Kaepernick

Kate Upton: Kneeling During The National Anthem is ‘Unacceptable’

Bolling Slams Colin Kaepernick’s Anthem Protest: ‘Show Some Respect’ or ‘Get the Hell Out’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Ironic That We Celebrate Free Speech But Condemn Kaepernick

Spike Lee: Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Was ‘In the Same Tradition’ of Muhammad Ali

Stephen A. Smith on Colin Kaepernick: ‘He Personified What a Protest is Supposed to Be’

Trump Weighs In on Kaepernick: ‘Maybe He Should Find a Country That Works Better for Him’

Viral Video Star’s Rendition of National Anthem Earns Her National Television Debut

Gay Choir Embarrassed on Field After Stadium Plays Wrong Recording for the National Anthem

Bizarre American Idol Auditioner Butchers National Anthem, Begs Obama To Invite Her To White House

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