Neil Cavuto

Alan Dershowitz: There Are Enough GOP Senators Who Wouldn’t Let Trump Appoint a ‘Crony’ as Next AG

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: No Confirmation Yet of ‘Nefarious Elements’ in Caravan, ‘Suspicion Isn’t Good Enough’

Tucker Carlson Warns Trump Era Similar to Venezuela: When Voters Are Ignored They Get ‘Reckless’ and Turn to Populists

Tucker Carlson: Millennials Prefer Socialism Because Current System Isn’t Working

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Shrugs Off NYT Trump Tax Fraud Report: ‘Don’t Know If There’s a There There’

Fox Business Guest Attacks Christine Ford’s Credibility: ‘She Was Far From Being Raped’

Napolitano: If GOP Rushes Vote, There Will Be ‘Taint’ on Kavanaugh ‘That Will Never Go Away’

Neil Cavuto to DeSantis: ‘Do You Regret’ That ‘Monkey This Up’ Comment?

Jimmy Carter: It’s ‘Wrong’ for Democrats to Talk About Impeaching Trump

Fox’s Cavuto Clashes With GOP Rep. Over Sessions: If Trump Doesn’t Like Him, ‘Fire His Ass!’

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Defends Trump Criticism After Angry Viewer Responses

Cavuto Rips Trump in Fiery Monologue: While Focusing on a Financial Boom, You’re Creating a ‘Moral Bust’

WATCH: Rand Paul Calls For Criminal Justice Reform Because The System is Too Hard on… Paul Manafort

GOP Rep. Issa: ‘Nobody’s Going to be Surprised’ If Trump Lied About Russia Meeting

Former ICE Acting Director and Fox’s Neil Cavuto Blast Michelle Wolf for ICE-ISIS Sketch: ‘Repulsive’

Fox’s Neil Cavuto Reads Hate Mail From Viewers Enraged By His Trump Coverage: ‘Tubby’s Still Here!’

Neil Cavuto Calls Out Trump Directly: When You’re On Foreign Soil, ‘Consider Praising Our Enemies Less’

FBN’s Cavuto and Attorney Rip ‘Disaster’ Trump-Putin Presser: ‘Collusion Before Our Very Eyes’

‘Holy Moly’: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Says Putin ‘Appeared to Run Circles Around the President’

Fox News Panel Clashes Over Maxine Waters, Civility: Trump Told People to Rough Up Protesters!

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