For Just $425, These Jeans Covered With Fake Mud Can Be Yours

Sales of Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand Plummeted at Nordstrom Last Year

‘He Needs to Evolve’: Ex-American Airlines CEO Says He’s ‘Profoundly Distressed’ by Trump’s Tweets

Blitzer Grills Chaffetz on Investigating Trump: You’re Supposed to Be a Check and Balance

Dear Media, Claiming Nordstrom Stock Tumbled After Trump’s Tweet Makes His ‘Dishonest Media’ Case

Nordstrom Issues Statement in Response to Trump Tweet

Gloria Borger: Trump’s Using Power of the Presidency and ‘Turning It Against an American Retailer’

Spicer: Trump ‘Was Free’ When He Tweeted About Nordstrom

Spicer on Trump’s Nordstrom-Ivanka Tweet: ‘He Has Every Right to Stand Up’ For His Daughter

TJ Maxx and Marshall’s Stores Told to Stop Promoting Ivanka Trump Products

Did Trump Tweet About Nordstrom Being Mean While in Intelligence Briefings?

Trump Goes After Nordstrom, Claims ‘Ivanka Has Been Treated So Unfairly’ by Retail Chain

Nordstrom Officially Stops Working With Ivanka Trump

If You’re Looking to Drop $85 on a Rock, Nordstorm Has You Covered

As Boycott Continues, Nordstrom Refuses to Drop Ivanka Trump’s Brand

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