pepper spray

UC Davis Chancellor Under Investigation After Failed $175K Effort to Scrub Negative Publicity

Little Girls Pepper Sprayed, Others Tased After Fights Break Out at Trump Rally Protest

UC Davis Spent $175,000 to Try and Scrub Infamous Pepper Spray Scandal from the Internet

CNN Correspondent Hit with Pepper Spray on Live TV: ‘It Definitely Does Hurt’

University of California, Davis Reaches $1 Million Settlement Over Pepper Spray Incident

Neil Cavuto Guest Argues That Pepper Sprayed Santa Monica Students Deserve To Be ‘Expelled’

Santa Monica College Students Doused In Pepper Spray While Protesting Tuition Hikes

The UC Davis Pepper Spraying Incident, Immortalized In LEGOs

Why America Is Doomed: We Riot For Waffle Irons And Disgraced Football Coaches

Police Blast Pepper Spray At Unruly Black Friday Shoppers Inside North Carolina Wal-Mart

Woman Attacks Fellow Black Friday Shoppers With Pepper Spray At Wal Mart

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Explains Pepper Spray Comments: ‘People Didn’t Watch The Whole Segment’

Makes Sense: UC Davis Pepper Spraying Officer Has A Record Of Using Gay Slurs

Michael Moore: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident ‘Resonates’ With The World Like Tiananmen Square

The View’s Joy Behar Likens UC Davis Pepper Spraying Incident To Kent State

UC Davis Students Silently Protest Chancellor As She Walks To Her Car

UC Davis Police Pepper Spray Student Occupy Protestors, University Investigating Incident

84 Year Old Woman Pepper Sprayed At Occupy Seattle Protest, Instantly Becomes Icon Of Movement

Jon Stewart Takes On Pepper Spraying Cop Anthony Bologna (AKA Tony Baloney)

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Report On Officer’s Use Of Pepper Spray On Protestors Leads To Investigation

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