CNN’s Gergen: Trump ‘Needs to Deal With the Hatred in His Own Heart’

Ivanka: ‘Should Be No Place in Society for Racism, White Supremacy and Neo-Nazis’

Twitter In Revolt After Chelsea Handler Calls For ‘Laws’ Against Racism

Oregon Columnist Highlights Anti-Asian Racism of Sex-Selective Abortion Bans

Leslie Jones Accuses Ritz-Carlton Of Racism Following BET Awards

GA Official to Be Publicly Reprimanded for Calling Rep. John Lewis a ‘Racist Pig’

Al Franken Backs ‘Friend’ Bill Maher After Bailing on His Show: ‘He’s Not a Racist’

MLB Great Mike Schmidt: Teams Can’t Build Around Spanish-Speaking Players Because of the ‘Language Barrier’

Racial Slur Spray Painted on LeBron James’ L.A. Home on Eve of NBA Finals

‘I Say He’s Lying’: Curt Schilling Doubts That Orioles Player Adam Jones Was Called the N-Word

Husband of GOP Candidate in GA Runoff Election Retweets Meme About Black People Being Slaves to Democrats

British Celebrity Under Fire for Using N-Word in Speaking Out Against Bullying

Serena Williams Blasts Tennis Hall of Famer For Racist and Sexist Comments: ‘It Disappoints Me’

‘You Don’t Get to Tell Other People What Racism Is!’: MSNBC Panel Blows Up Over Sean Spicer

Man Who Stabbed Black Man to Death Came to NYC to Kill People of Color

Steve King’s Tweet Was So Bad Even Republicans Are Going After Him

‘I Don’t Like the Racism’: George W. Bush Speaks Out About ‘Pretty Ugly’ Current Political Climate

Virginia Waitress Accused of Faking Racist Message Left on Receipt

Man Reportedly Yelled ‘Get Out of My Country’ While Shooting Two Men From India

April Ryan Defends Accusing President Trump of Racist Language He Never Actually Used

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