Rasmussen Reports

Trump Claims Approval Rating Would Be 75% Without ‘Phony’ Russia Probe: ‘It’s Called Presidential Harassment!’

Trump Approval Spikes to 50% in Rasmussen Poll, Hitting Highest Number in Two Months

Uh-Oh. Now Even Rasmussen is Putting Trump’s Approval Rating at Under 40

New Poll: Trump Approval Back Up To 50

John Boehner Replaces Nancy Pelosi As The Least Popular Congressional Leader

Gallup, Rasmussen Forecast More Republican Voters In 2012 Than 2004

That Ill-Informed Fox News Viewer Poll? Actually It’s Based On Proven Methodology

It Worked? Donald Trump Leads Latest Rasmussen Poll Of GOP Primary Voters

55% Of Voters Agree: The Media Is What’s Really Wrong With Politics

Discuss: Why Dems Like Journalists and Repubs Don’t

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